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10 Signs... Bad IEP
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Top Ten Signs ...
That You're Going to
Have a Bad IEP Meeting

By Colleen F. Tomko

10.  The IEP invitation lists "drive-thru" hours.

9.  When you get to the meeting, the staff want to know what you are doing there.

8.  They give you complimentary white flags and tissues.

7.  Your child's student ID # is 666.

6.  They try to convince you that the attending speech therapist really is the janitor's identical twin.

5.  You find yourself explaining that...
the regs say they can use IU's for related services, not I-O-U's.

4.  The special ed coordinator says 'Have we got a place for your kid".

3.  They think "inclusion" is some type of venereal disease.

2.  The staff is bumming because their label maker burned out.

1.  You over hear the staff talking about the Least "Resisted" Environment.


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