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Night Before Xmas
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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the schools
No students were present to break any rules
The budget was written and every dime spent
with no one quite sure where it all went

The school board was snuggled all safe in their beds
While visions of budget increases danced in their heads
When all of a sudden there arose such a clatter
They leaped from their beds  to see what was the matter

Away to the board room they went in a dash
to see who it was that threatened the cash
And there before them - who did appear?
With issues they thought  finished this year

Once more before them plainly to see
Were parents of children they called "Special Needs"
We've done this before and we were quite clear
So once again tell us why you are here

One of them stepped forward and it soon was apparent
That this person before them was one informed parent.
The presentation was prepared with great thought and care
With federal law quotes that brought them great glares

With a voice loud and clear they were all called by name
These are not new laws and the meaning is plain
IDEA ADA  LRE  and  504
It is time to remind you just like before

We wish you good tidings great hope and good cheer
The time for inclusion is finally here
Why won't you listen to this our plight
To be included is not privilege but right

We want them included right from the start
To become part of the whole and not kept apart
We want them included and yes all means all
Don't make them feel different, don't make them feel small

For such a long time the seed has been planted
why do we still struggle for what to others is granted
"No not right now but we'll tell you when"
We've heard that same story again and again

So on this the holiest of nights
we say inclusion  is not a privilege but a right
and on this issue we firmly do stand
the rights of our children we do now demand

As the meeting concluded ending the night
It was heard.........


~ Author Unknown ~

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