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Components of inclusive education
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Components of Inclusive Education

There's a difference between "real" inclusion...
and just being present.

 Key "Necessary" Components of "Inclusive Education"

  •  Students are in their home schools, general education classes

    • Where the students would be if they did not have disabilities

  •  Appropriate Supports and Services

    • Based on individual's and needs.

    • Supports follow the students, the students don't go somewhere to get them

  •  "On-going" planning for success

    •  Obstacles are issues waiting for solutions

    •  "Teams" are proactive, addressing needs before problems arise

    •  Inclusion is a process, not an event

    •  All team members actively seek out information and resources

    •  All team members have a shared vision of what success looks like for each individual student

    •  Classroom, building and district decisions and planning reflect the needs of students with disabilities

  •  Active Participation

    •  Exclusion can happen in a general education environments

    •  All activities are designed to be accessible for all students

  •  All students have a sense of belonging

    •  All students are valued

    •   Social goals are integrated within class activities for all students

    •  Adults model and facilitate inclusion and interactions

  •  Achievement of IEP Goals

    • Goals are dependent on individual and worked on within general curriculum

  •   Natural proportions

    •  Same proportion of students with disabilities are in classes as are in the general population

    •  Students with disabilities are not grouped

    •  All classes practice inclusion, none are referred to as "inclusion classes"

  •  Classes get ready for students

    •  Students do not have to get "ready" to be included

    • There are no prerequisites for inclusion

    •  Staff are trained based on students' needs

  •  Collaboration and Team Planning

    •  General and special education staff have ownership of students with disabilities

    •  All team members collaborate and communicate frequently

  •  Diversity is valued through out all environments, activities and events

    •  Sensitivity and awareness are interwoven throughout

    •  Universal design and curriculum are utilized first

    •   People 1st language is promoted and used in all environments

    •  All students get what they need based on individuals, not labels

    •  All students count in assessments and evaluations

Written by Colleen F. Tomko
Material Copyrighted 2006 Kids Together, Inc.
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