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IEP Adaptations
Up Adapting Curriculum 10 IEP Mistakes IEP Adaptations IEP Planning


STUDENT_____________________________________     DOB_______________
DATE______________________    COMPLETED BY________________________

The following adaptations are appropriate and necessary for this student. Check all that apply.
_____ Extend time requirements
_____ Vary activity often
_____ Allow breaks
_____ Omit assignments requiring copy in timed situation
_____ School texts sent home for summer preview
_____ Home set of texts/materials for preview/review
_____ Other

____ Preferential seating
____ Planned seating   ____ Bus    ____ Classroom
            ____   Lunchroom ____ Auditorium
____ Alter physical room arrangement
____ Define areas concretely
____ Reduce/minimize distractions:
           ____ Visual     ____ Auditory
           ____ Spatial    ____ Movement
____ Teach positive rules for use of space
____ Other _______________________________

Presentation of Subject Matter
____ Teach to student's learning style
             ____ Linguistic    ____ Logical/math            ____ Musical
             ____ Spatial          ____ Bodily/Kinesthetic   ____ Interpersonal
____ Utilize special curriculum
____ Teacher tape lectures/discussions for replay
____ Teacher provide notes
____ NCR paper for peer to provide notes
____ Functional application of academic skills
____ Present demonstrations (model)
____ utilize manipulatives
____ Emphasize critical information
____ Pre-teach vocabulary
____ Make/use vocabulary files
____ Reduce language level of reading assignment
____ Use total communication     ____ Use facilitated communication
____ Share activities
____ Use visual sequences
____ Other __________________________

____ Arrangement of material on page     ____ Taped texts and/or other class materials
____ Highlighted texts / study guides      ____ Use supplementary materials
____ Note taking assistance: carbonless or Xerox copy of notes of regular students
____ Type teacher material                         ____ Large print
____ Special Equipment:
             ____ electric typewriter             ____ AAC device
             ____ calculator                           ____ Electronic
             ____ homemade                          ____ computer
             ____ Telephone adaptations    ____ Video recorder
____ Other __________________________________

____ Give directions in small, distinct steps (written/picture/verbal)
____ Use written back up for oral directions
____ Lower difficulty level
____ Shorten assignment
____ Reduce paper and pencil tasks
____ Read or tape record directions to student
____ Use pictorial directions
____ Give extra cues or prompts
____ Allow student to record or type assignment
____ Utilize compensatory procedures by providing alternative assignment / strategy when demands
of class conflict with student capabilities
____ Avoid penalizing for spelling errors/sloppy work
____ Avoid penalizing for penmanship
____ Other ________________________________

Self Management / Follow Through
____ Visual daily schedule
____ Calendars
____ Check often for understanding / review
____ Request parent reinforcement
____ Have student repeat directions
____ Teach study skills
____ Use study sheets to organize material
____ Design / write / use long term assignment timelines
____ Review and practice in real situations
____ Plan for generalizations
____ Teach skill in several settings / environments
____ Other _________________________________

Testing Adaptations
____ Oral                  ____ Short Answer
____ Taped              ____ Multiple Choice
____ Pictures           ____ Modify format
____ Read test to student                                ____ Shorten length
____ Preview language of test questions      ____ Extend time frame
____ Applications in real settings                  ____ Test administered by resource person
____ Other _________________________

Social Interaction Support
____ Peer advocacy
____ Peer tutoring
____ Structure activities to create opportunities of social interaction
____ Focus on social process rather than activity / end product
____ Structure, shared experiences in school, extracurricular
____ Cooperative learning groups
____ Use multiple / rotating peers
____ Teach friendship skills / sharing / negotiation
____ Teach social communication skills
             ____ Greetings          ____ Conversation turn taking
             ____ Sharing              ____ Negotiation
____ Other __________________________

Motivation and Reinforcement
____ Verbal                           ____ Non-verbal
____ Positive Reinforcement     ____ Concrete reinforcement, e.g., _________________
____ Planned motivating sequences of activities
____ Reinforce initiation      ____ Offer choice
____ Use strengths / interest often    Other __________________________________

Adapted from North East Independent School District of San Antonia, Texas, by IRCA



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